I do the graphic design, then I program it. Every page and every webstore I do in RWD technology, which means that the page adapts to the screen on the device. Such sites are better positioned by search engines. I attach great importance to the quality, workmanship and safety, and that means each page is properly secured.

Programming is my first passion, while graphic is my second passion. I think everyone wants to see nice things. The combination of graphic design and programming create a beautiful and amazing effects.

I design logos, flyers, layouts (target appearance) websites, web shops, and posters. I develop websites, webstores – “what you see” and what is not seen, and which is also very important – that’s all I have to do that must have to signed up, for example, to the database.

“I am writing” the native applications for mobile devices (ie. using the built-in function of the device’s operating system) on operating systems: IOS, Android and WindowsPhone .

I think that quality and professionalism always stand out.

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